Poll finds overwhelming support for legalizing recreational marijuana


Poll finds overwhelming support for legalizing recreational marijuana


SOUTHWEST, Fla. - Would you vote to legalize recreational marijuana?

Florida voters may get that chance in 2020, and a new poll shows overwhelming support for it.

Fabrizio-Lee conducted the survey, and they said a private party paid for it and gave it to "Make it Legal Florida." It's a committee Attorney John Morgan is backing to get recreational pot passed.

It looks like lighting up could become legal in Florida next year, according to the poll.

Getting recreational marijuana passed in Florida has become a strategy.

The poll surveyed 800 voters and 67 percent of them supported recreational use, and 29 percent of respondents oppose it.

Political Consultant Dennis Pearlman said polls could push people into a decision making process. However many people consider polls unreliable, but Pearlman suggested the poll itself could be a motivating factor for some voters

“They're going to be marketing to the millennials and if it's giving them a reason to vote this may be the tag that gets them to the polls,” Pearlman said

Politics aside, Dr. Heather Auld prescribes cannabis to patients and has a bigger concern about legalizing it.

“There wouldn't be any financial gain to do research on something that is a free-for-all already,” Dr. Auld said.

The proposal calls for allowing those 21 and older could legally have 2.5 ounces of pot that's enough for about 160 joints.

A recent Quinnipiac poll showed 65 percent of Florida voters support recreational pot.

NBC-2 conducted its own "unscientific" poll on Facebook Tuesday.

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